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Salutations Yoga

is a warm, bright studio in Glenwood Landing, NY. We invite you to visit our bright and beautiful studio in Glenwood Landing. Practice with our certified, experienced, and friendly teachers. As our student you’ll learn to meditate and practice poses (asanas) while learning the fundamental principles of alignment – with respect to your individual needs. Our intention is to guide and inspire you to reach your fullest potential. We welcome all ages and body types. Salutations Yoga is a wonderful place to practice Yoga in Glenwood Landing and offers classes in Kundalini, Hatha, Iyengar, and Anusara style Yoga. Join us for weekly classes. Salutations Yoga also rents out studio space for Tai Chi & Meditation Classes. At Salutations Yoga, your first class is always FREE, bring a friend to your first class (for their first class) and each get a 1/2 off coupon for your second class! Chair Yoga is also available for those with limited mobility – please encourage older folks and those recovering from injuries to join Salutations Yoga for weekly Chair Yoga Classes. Patti Mataska is the founder of Salutations Yoga (est. 2008). Certified in the Ishta tradition, Patti has been teaching yoga for fifteen years and has accrued over 600 hours of professional study. Through workshops and immersions at Kripalu, The New York Open Center, The Omega Institute & the Bahamas’ Sivananda Ashram, Patti has learned from many wonderful teachers including yoga with John Friend, Ana Forrest, Erich Schiffmann, Ayurveda with Dr. Claudia Welch, anatomy with Dr. Ray Long, and meditation/yoga with Alan Finger, Buddhism philosophy with Eugene P. Kelly Jr. Her own teaching style reflects this, incorporating yoga’s many philosophies and traditions. Patti has experience leading a wide variety of classes, from beginner to advanced, children to seniors and chair yoga. She also offers private instruction; tailoring her students’ experiences based on their intentions, medical history and areas of interest. Patti hopes to pass on her love for yoga to her students by teaching from her heart.Christina Newton loves teaching yoga and has practiced yoga for 25 years. She has studied a number of different Yoga Styles including: Iyengar Yoga – focuses on strength and alignment as a path to enlightenment Vinyasa Yoga – sequencing yoga postures that flows with the breath Ishta Yoga – emphasizes philosophy and meditation.Janice Ventresca has been teaching yoga for nearly 30 years. She has completed certifications and trainings in several styles of yoga including Kripalu Yoga, Ishta Yoga and Anusara Yoga. Learning to meditate with the guidance of her Sufi teachers including Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Moiniddin Smith and Azimat Schreiber were pivotal points in her life. She is also very grateful for her extraordinary yoga teachers including Alan Finger and John Friend, both of whom have been a great inspiration to her. Janice believes that “Yoga is a path to wholeness. Each time you come to your mat there is an opportunity to not only work to make your body happier and healthier, but even more importantly to get back to your center. Yoga helps us to become clear, to find a gentler and sweeter view, to be courageous in the face of adversity and, hopefully, to learn how to be graceful under pressure”Laura Caldari began her yoga practice in NYC in 1995 and has been a Certified Yoga Teacher since 2008. Her classes are welcoming, considerate, warm environments where she encourages her students to take the flexibility and awareness they gain on their yoga mats out into their everyday lives.Lori Pappas is honored to share the ancient yet timely teachings of Kundalini Yoga with fellow seekers. Known for its ability to promote health, creativity & spiritual awareness, Kundalini Yoga combines physical exercise, breathing techniques, mantra & meditation. Her classes are infused with a unique sense of humor positive energy & personalized attention. Catering to both beginners and advanced yogis, Lori strives to offer a space wherein students feel accepted and safe to embrace the greatest mission of our time…moving from the head to the heart. In the words of Yogi Bhajan “There is nothing outside of us. It’s all in us”Maria Perez, RYT is a Certified Yoga Instructor for Children through NEXT GENERATION YOGA and KIDDING AROUND YOGA, as well as a Registered and Certified 200 Hour ISHTA (Integrated Sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) Yoga Instructor for adults. Maria’s creative children’s yoga programs offer children of all abilities a playful and child-friendly way to be introduced to the ancient science of hatha yoga. Maria’s intention is to support the physical development and emotional well-being of children – ages three to thirteen years old – through yoga in a nurturing manner. Salutations Yoga has it all!